Online E-Learning Series Workshop Two

Weaving between Problem land and Solution land

  • Assignment
    (10 CPD Points)
  • Introduction
    The questionnaire assignment is part of your online learning experience. This assignment will allow you to reflect on what you have learnt in the workshop. It will also illustrate how you have implemented the skills suggested in the workshop. As part of the workshop outcomes you are required to do some practical work in your practice or work with clients. If you do not have clients to use you may do a role play session with a friend. You will be expected to try using Solution Talk with a client and then write down what you experienced. This can be done within one of your current sessions with a client. This practical exercise will take you about 2 hours to do. You do not have to do the 2 hours all in one go and can break it up over a few sessions with your clients.
    So let’s get started and enjoy!
  • “The problem with problem analysis is that its usefulness is enormously overrated” - Coert Visser
  • Practical exercises:
    3. Get to know the client without the problem. Ask your client problem free questions, such as: what are your hobbies, what do you do for fun?
  • 4. Get your pixie ears on and listen for strengths to compliment.
  • 5. Start weaving from problem land to solution land. Reflect the problem and then use however or yet...
  • 6 In conclusion.

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