WO1. Solution Talking: Learning Solution Focused Therapy Language.

Adapting your language to find the clients strengths and make therapy more positive and strength based.

(6 CPD Psychology Points)

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Workshop Duration: Approx 6 hours. 8 Weeks is provided to complete the workshop.
Place: Online workshop at www.solutionfocusedsa.com
Price: R900 incl. VAT
CPD Psychology Points: 6
Presenter: Dr J. von Cziffra-Bergs


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The principles of Solution Focused Therapy invite the practitioner to look at their clients in a very positive and resourceful way. As soon as you start viewing and considering your client as a strong, resourceful person that is coping you automatically start to change your language and the questions you ask in therapy. This mindset also alters the way in which you view yourself as therapist and ultimately enhances the relationship you build with the client and the therapeutic process. This online workshop will enable the practitioner to earn 10 CPD Psychology points whilst still working in their practice. It is an interactive experiential workshop that includes an hour lecture, a Solution Focused Therapy article to read, a workbook with practical exercises and a questionnaire to be filled in.

Aims of the Workshop

  • To introduce the practitioner to the basic principles and beliefs Solution Focused Therapy has about clients
  • To introduce the idea that clients are resourceful, capable, strong and not victims
  • To give the practitioner the theory on a strength based view of a client
  • To allow the practitioner the opportunity to practice the language of strength based talk with a client
  • To guide the practitioner to building a relationship with the client and not the problem
  • To teach the practitioner new ways of questioning and guiding the client to solutions

Course Work Entails

  • Read the referenced reading material on Strength Based Therapy
  • Print Solution Talking video lecture Handout notes
  • View the lecture on Solution Talking by Dr Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs
  • Complete and submit the Workshop Assignment
  • Complete and submit the Workshop Evaluation Form
  • The completed Assignment and Evaluation Forms must be submitted no later than 8 weeks after the online workshop commencement date.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Understand the way in which a Solution Focused practitioner views their client
  • Build a relationship with the client and not the problem
  • Connect to the clients strengths and resources
  • Change their language to a more positive, hopeful and solution orientated language