The Solution Focused School Leader


School managers, principles and head of departments are continuously faced with solving problems. As leaders of the school these individuals need to be equipped with brief, fast and effective problem solving skills. Looking into the problem and constantly analysing the problem is time consuming, a commodity that school leaders do not have. Solution Focused thinking is brief, goal orientated, effective and impactful. This workshop looks at equipping school leaders with tools that take any situation out of the blame game and into a solution. Solution building is an alternative to problem solving. Instead of fixing what went wrong a solution builder looks at what needs to happen differently and how the school can make that happen. This workshop equips the school leader with a new way of building solutions in a brief and effective manner. This workshop is normally a 4-5 hour workshop but can be adjusted to suit the needs of the school.

Aims of the Workshop:

  • Discuss the difference between problem solving and solution building
  • Work collaboratively
  • Equip school leaders with a different set of questions to ask
  • Include all involved as partners for change
  • Look for strengths in all situations and people
  • Find a solution that all parties can contribute toward

Outcomes of the Workshop:

  • Work collaboratively with all involved
  • Ask questions that lead to solution building
  • Find strengths in all scenarios
  • Use the strengths to build a solution
  • Be able to find what works and do more of it
  • Be able to identify what is not working and change it