Solution Focused Peer Counselling Course


Teenage years are full of confusion and chaos. Asking teachers or adults for help can often be confrontational and turn into a power struggle. In order to assist young learners many schools have implemented a peer mentorship programme, a buddy project or a peer counselling programme where teenagers can find help from other teenagers. These programmes are very effective and successful. This one day training course equips young teens that have been selected to be peer counsellors, buddies or mentors with skills to help other teenagers. Solution Focused counselling is empowering in nature and does not require the young peer counsellor to know too much about the problem in order to be helpful. This workshop is full of video case study examples and role played interactions to equip the young peer counsellor with counselling and mentoring tools.

Aims of the Workshop:

  • Discuss confidentiality
  • Teach Solution Focused communication skills such as attentive listening, reflecting feelings and strengths, asking best hope questions and positive coping questions
  • Learn to make conversations useful and worthwhile
  • Creating hope and a future focus

Outcomes of the Workshop:

  • Do confidentiality
  • Apply Solution Focused communication skills
  • Guide peers to future possibilities
  • Identify high risk cases
  • Refer to professionals