Problem Talk versus Solution Talk

The intention of this three hour workshop is to show teachers the difference between problem talking and solution talking. In problem talking we ask why? In solution talking we ask what and how the boys can do tasks differently or what has he done before that was useful in achieving a successful outcome.

Problem talk:

  • Problem talk brings about more problems
  • What you focus on intensifies
  • You cannot solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created it – Einstein
  • A video will be shown to illustrate this concept

Solution talk:

  • Ask teachers what the strengths of the college are
  • How did the teachers contribute to these strengths?
  • Of the strengths, what would they like to see happen more often?
  • The objective of solution talking is to look towards a collaborative goal
  • Solution talk enables the child to DO differently
  • Solution talk is looking at boys as capable and resourceful experts in their own lives
  • Looking at what the boys can do (competency) and not at what they cannot do (deficit)
  • Looking with a different lens at the boy
  • A video will be shown to illustrate the impact of looking at children differently
  • Teacher interactive exercises will be conducted to provide an opportunity to role play a problem talk scenario as well as a solution talk scenario