From Problems to Solutions


Schools are often problem saturated and focused on what is not working, what the child is unable to do and what is going wrong. However Ben Furman, renowned Finish psychiatrist writes that in the presence of a problem there is an absence of a skill. Focusing on what skill is lacking and how we can empower children to learn a new skill; builds solutions. This workshop aims at guiding teachers to help children build solutions rather than focus on what is going wrong. Solution building is linked to skill building and this workshop will illustrate how we can help children to build solutions in a very short period of time. An integral aspect of moving from problems to solutions lies in working with children’s strengths and resourcefulness. This workshop will help teachers and schools develop a strength based lens, strength based language and skill building tools to empower children to take responsibility and build solutions. Guiding children to finding out what they need to do differently helps the child define a goal and work towards something instead of running away from the problem. This workshop is normally presented at a 5 hour workshop however it can be tailor made to suit the school.

Aims of the Workshop:

  • To define the difference between problem solving and solution building
  • To guide the teachers to become strength searchers
  • To create teacher child collaboration
  • To help children find their own goals to doing things differently.
  • To be able to use the scaling question to create movement and responsibility
  • Prevent teacher burnout

Outcomes of the Workshop:

  • Identify strengths of children
  • Talk in a strength based manner to children
  • Guide children to do things differently
  • Guide children to take responsibility and set their own goals
  • Build solutions
  • Be more positive and work with children not against them or for them
  • Create hope