Basic Solution Focused Counseling Skills for Teachers


This is an intensive 5 day Basic Solution Focused Counselling Skills workshop. This workshop will empower teachers and lay counsellors to approach children differently. Solution Focused Basic Counselling skills will enable the teacher to provide frontline support and basic intervention for learners with psycho-social difficulties. Teachers are at the fore-front and are often the first person to help and support the learner. Solution Focused Basic Counselling Skills will enable the teacher to take control of any emotional or social situation and support and empower the learner. The workshop will discuss what counselling is and who does. Basic Solution Focused Interviewing Skills will be taught, as well as crisis intervention strategies. Video footage will be shown of teachers using Solution Focused Basic Counselling and role play activities will be encouraged. Ethical considerations will be discussed such as, confidentiality and referring high risk learners.

Solution Focused Basic Counselling is a well researched psychotherapy approached used in schools developed by Insoo Kim Berg and Linda Metcalf. In this workshop, the teachers will learn the basics of counselling, the solution focused approach, and crisis intervention. Ideas for working more collaboratively and more strength orientated will be discussed.

Aims of the Workshop

  • To teach basic counselling skills of paraphrasing, empathy, strength spotting, scaling, goaling and collaboration.
  • To move away from problems towards solutions
  • To connect with the client and not the problem
  • To find and build on a clients strengths
  • To build a relationship of collaboration
  • To intervene in a crisis
  • To work ethically
  • To identify and refer high risk cases

Outcomes of the Workshop
The lay counsellors will be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles and assumptions of Basic Solution Focused Counselling.
  • Be able to intervene immediately before waiting for the support team to arrive
  • Implement Solution Focused interviewing skills such as paraphrasing, empathy, strength spotting, scaling, goaling and collaboration.
  • Use the learners strengths and resources to build a solution
  • Intervene in a crisis
  • Be able to understand high risk cases
  • Be able to work ethically and considerately